All You Need To Know when Looking To Clean Your Septic Tank

A septic tank is an underground tank which is used for the collection of sewage. The sewage in the tank is allowed to decompose through bacteria activity after which, it is drained at a leaching field. This is an essential home requirement as it assists in proper waste management. The sewage in the septic tank can house a lot of germs which can make you sick. These include viruses, bacteria, protozoa as well as helminths. Read More 

Safeguards to Discourage Skip Bin Renters from Putting Hazardous Waste Items in Their Bins

Skip bin hire companies help home owners and businesses maintain good sanitation by offering skip bins used to hold rubbish and facilitate removal of the rubbish from properties. However, not all manner of waste should be put into skip bins because some waste items such as car batteries, asbestos-containing cement, lead paints and aerosol cans are hazardous. To prevent skip bin users from putting these hazardous waste items into skip bins, skip bin hire companies usually take a number of safeguards, including: Read More 

5 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Vacuum

Vacuums need proper cleaning and maintenance. That can be essential to their lifespan and their productiveness. Here are five tips to help you take care of your vacuum. 1. Empty Bag or Canister Often If the canister or bag is overfilled on your vacuum, the next batch of dust that is stirred by your brushes won't have anywhere to go. As a result, that dust may spread through the interior components of the vacuum, causing them to break down. Read More 

Rain water tank cleaning and maintenance

Rain water tanks are a simple, environmentally-friendly way to minimise household water use. They also help protect the environment by limiting the harmful effects of storm water runoff. In order to function optimally, these tanks require regular maintenance and cleaning.  Hazards of neglected rain water tanks If your rain water tank isn't regularly maintained, it could pose a health hazard. An uncovered tank can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, while the buildup of algae and bacteria can be dangerous if water from the tank enters the local drinking water system. Read More 

7 Features to Look for When Shopping for Chemical Metering Pumps

If you're buying a chemical metering pump to use in your factory or even in a residential environment such as for dispensing chlorine into a home pool, you need to choose the features carefully. Here are some of the options you may want to consider. These features will help with functioning, but they will also help the metering pump to last longer. 1. Wall Mount You don't want the metering pump to just be sitting on the floor. Read More